Sunday, January 8, 2017

good gracious, ass is bodacious!

In the words of NELLY:
Baby here's myithooong, wanna pull your zipper down and let's cruise~

It's gettin' hot in here~
Tap your plastic in my Square!
Oooh baby, cash so *hot*
I'm gonna take my clothes off!
NELLY music video Air Force Ones raining money tip drill sweat dancing partyNELLY It's gettin' hot in herre music video take off white shirt headband bandaid old skool rap
What's poppin' here now?
LOL who the hell signed ColfaxHooker up for this Square credit card reader offer?
Square is NOT adult industry friendly!! NO! NO! NO! NO!!
It was only just a dream...
If you wanna come take a ride wit me, you'd better have that cash money!
All in my head, I think about you comin' over and over again~
❤ na-nana-na!
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Must Be the Honey!
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