Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Colfax is for Lovers

Afraid of getting stung on Colfax? Word on the street says...
How far do you think Officer Bumble Bee will go to arrest you? Yes he will pull out his pathetic stinger, yes he might even kiss you, but Officer Bumble Bee won't sticky-finger the honey! lol he's supposed to stay professional by not enjoying himself *cough* So don't do any work. Not even 1 button on anyone. Do not pet your kitty. Do not pull out a raincoat until he pops your buttons off. Just relax! You can count the cash, chit-chat, he's paying for your time and companionship, right? Good girl! Keep it clean 😉

In Colorado you can also get an additional charge for "patronizing" which means you were paying+engaging with someone you are not married to... BUT Islam has temporary "pleasure marriage licenses", Nikah Mut'ah! Guy says "I marry you, myself," then Girl says "I accept" and he gives her the bridal gift (cash). At the end of the date Guy says "I divorce you!" three times (but he is still responsible for any child conceived during that marriage lol). Yes this sounds a little over-the-top, but how many Bees do you think will agree to "marry" a Cofax Ho? 1st Amendment religious rights get real sticky in court...

And WARNING ⚠ : I see this $200 creeper posting on CraigsList everyday, I'm convinced he's an undercover Bee!